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SML Icon Dump #1

As I have mentioned before, I got my start in icon making over at sailormoonland and through the past few months I have quite a few icons that I have made. I won't share them all (because the earlier ones were a disaster) but the ones that I feel are worth sharing are here for you today. I hope you enjoy them! Please credit me if you use them. :)

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Icon Dump!

Recently I participated in a LIMS challenge over at sailormoonland and I am proud to say that I came in 2nd over all in the community! I'm very happy about this and I'm still not even sure how I made it that far. The two girls that I was up against in the end are incredible icon makers and I'm so proud for being able to stand beside them.

Anyway, in honor of making it to the last round I thought I would share with you all the icons I made for the contest. For those that weren't a part of the comm during this, we had to take provided images each round and make an icon from them. The contest lasted 10 weeks and was really a blast. I hope you enjoy these!

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BeginningFar CropFairytaleDuplicated ImageBook Title
SeasonsMonochromeStock ImageTimeEnding

Tarot: Major Arcana

Artist Choice

Alts / Extras

Beginning: This is actually the final scene in the anime. I thought that was a fitting place for a beginning. ^_^
Far Crop: This is a scene from the S movie. Luna takes human form to save the man she has fallen in love with (Kakeru). In a final selfless act she tells him he shouldn't work so hard and pay attention to his girlfriend... and then with a kiss she returns to normal and gives up on him forever.
Time: what better way to represent time than the Keeper of Time. ^_^
Ending: CHOCOLATE PARFAAAAAIIIIT! No seriously, this is the scene where Nephrite dies in Naru's arm. She has fallen in love with him and confessed she doesn't care if he is a bad guy... she just wants to spend time with him and possibly go out for a chocolate parfait. Sadly, it isn't to be as Nephtrite sacrifices himself to save her. As his body disintegrates into sparkles ( XD ) she weeps for the love she has lost.
20: Everyone loves evil lovers! And can you tell I was tired of making icons at this point? XDD


So it is that wonderfully spammy time again. I just wanted to let you guys know that Battle V of sailormoonland  has begun!

This is a very strong community with lots of activity! (We just had an icon contest with 56 entries!) So if you love Sailor Moon, love to write, love puzzles, love to make icons and graphics, and most important want to make a lot of awesome friends you should make your way over and sign up today.

Make sure to mention that jojo_da_crow  of Team Chaos sent you!


Around June of 2010 I decided to start playing around with graphics for competitions in sailormoonland . Looking back on my first attempts, I can say I did not have a beautiful start. Most of the icons I made were done with the knowledge that I sucked at it and that I was merely doing it for participation points for my team.

However, somewhere along the way I found myself loving what I was doing. I started to read up on technics and I started to win some challenges! Now, I am branching out and doing icons outside of the Sailor Moon fandom as well as entering some contests in iconing communities to better my skills. I'm already learning a lot!

This community will be where I share my work. I hope you enjoy it!